Aman Rai Agrawal


There is a growing trend in the consumer DNA analysis in the past decade. mRna is a crockery set designed using my genetic information. The concept of this design is to use the ATGC code of an individual as input to design automated and personalized products. Project realized at IED Madrid.



Each second, millions of DNA base pairs are sequenced. The information flow in our body is just extraordinary.


With the reduced pricing of consumer DNA testing, more and more people are getting their DNA analysed. There is also a growing demand for personalized goods.
23&me DNA test kit

23&me DNA test kit

Cost per MB of DNA data

National Human Genome Institute

Consumer DNA testing

2017 the year consumer DNA testing blew up

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DNA Culinary set

World’s first culinary set designed using YOUR genetic information. Now what makes you, YOU; will make your products!

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