Aman Rai Agrawal
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ChromaStone is a retro interactive arcade game, designed by applying algorithmic strategies. The form of the structure is made using Generative algorithm and later optimized by Evolutionary algorithm. The panels are parametrically designed so that they can be laser cut directly. It contains an Arduino MEGA, piezo sensors for vibration detection, and LED strips controlled by Neopixel library.

The game starts by randomly choosing a random default colour. Now, the player needs to tap the panel with the default colour to score a point. The better the motor and visual reflexes, the greater will be the score. It can be played as 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2, measuring the points within a minute between the opponents.

Chroma Logo.jpg
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Biomorpher Chromastone.jpg
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Soldering structure.jpg
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